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The biggest advantage of Poltra is our knowledge and that makes us leaders on the Polish tool market. Over thirty years of experience and practical skills allow us to look for innovative methods that allow choosing optimal solutions in the selection of machine tools, cutting tools and clamping systems tailored to the needs of customers. We focus on creativity and innovation - these are the keys to our success and to the people who trusted us. Poltra's confirmation of achievements are numerous positive references from our customers.

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Poltra is a synonym of high quality of our services and tools, as well as a team of specialists ready to propose innovative solutions suited individually to the needs of each client. Our offer is based on tools from world-class manufacturers and allows reducing the total cost of tool management.

  • POLTRA Sp. z o.o.
  • ul. Grabskiego 42,
  • 37-450 Stalowa Wola
  • Reception:
  • tel. +48 15 840 21 00
  • poltra@poltra.pl
  • NIP 865-22-31-787 REGON 831205730
  • Nr KRS 0000136273
  • BDO 000013541
  • Bank BNP PARIBAS BP S.A. PL 68 1750 1110 0000 0000 0196 3341
  • ING Bank Śląski SA PL 56 1050 1562 1000 0090 3126 4568